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MEASURE UNITS: Pound/Ounce/Gallon/Quart/HBU   Kilogram/Gram/Liter/Liter/MBU
%Efficiency:   Volume:

Malt/adjunct name (*M=mashed) %yield L°color Weight        ODensity SRM
Predicted total values for batch: *M mash weight
Mash type:

Mash volume: Water/Grain ratio:   Water Volume: Water+Grain Volume:
Water loss from grain absorption:   Minimum sparge water volume:

Hop variety Weight Hop type %αAcid BU        BoilTime %Util IBU
Total: HBU:SGU=    

Yeast type Apparent
Flocculation %Alcohol
% ABV #Billion cells
(x2 for lager)

Beer style      
BJCP style compliance: (Recipe value should be within BJCP Low to High range)
Attribute Low High Recipe Recipe value is: ASBC °Plato
Original Gravity
Final Gravity (adjusted for ABV)
Alcohol By Volume
Bitterness (IBU)
Color (SRM)

TOOLS:    Scale all weights to new volume of:

THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN RETIRED - you can no longer edit or add recipes. You can still review recipes that you have saved in the past.

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